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About us

The Holy Trinity Center (HTC) is a non-profit association in Arizona.

The Association is established for charitable purposes related to running an educational and training center in the St. David area in Arizona, whose activities are all carried out exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

The center was founded in what were initially the real estate complex of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity of Our Lady of Guadeloupe (HTM) founded and organized to encourage and promote the teachings and ideals of St. Benedict. In 1982, the HTM, asked to become a member of the Benedictine Congregation of Santa Maria del Monte Oliveto (Congregation). After a trial period of 3 years, in 1985 the PPA was formally aggregated to the Congregation by the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church. From the moment of its aggregation, the PPA was subject to the rules and directives of the Congregation.

The Association was established in 2019 to continue the activities in those premises in San David over which the Congregation has authority. The Board of Directors of the Association is under the authority of the President of the Social Cooperative Istituto San Giuseppe, a non-profit organization based in Italy. Although the HTC is organized according to civil law and being an Association of Arizona, it is still subject to the authority of the Social Cooperative Istituto San Giuseppe, through its President.

The HTC does not have a community formed by religious who are currently assigned to it full time. The Istituto San Giuseppe Social Cooperative and its President will continue to operate, manage and control the HTC and its properties through persons appointed by the President, who act as Directors of the Association. HTC and its properties will continue to be managed as a body whose purpose is to promote the ideals of human promotion and social integration through the organization and management of reception, education and training services.

Directors may authorize a lay community or any other authorized religious community to reside and work on HTC property, of course under the supervision and control of the Cooperative. The presence of a secular community in the property of the HTC does not diminish in any way the ownership, authority and control that the Cooperative has over the property of the Centre.

The main office of the Association is located at 1605 St. Mary's Place, St. David Arizona.


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